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    Frequently Asked

    Medicare Part A helps people pay for inpatient hospital care. It also helps pay for some skilled nursing home care, and hospice care.

    Medicare Part B is insurance that helps pay for doctors’ visits and other medical services. 


    Medicare Part D is a program that helps people pay for prescription drugs


    Yes, Medicare is tax free.


    Medicare is a government-run insurance program that provides health coverage to people over the age of 65, as well as those with disabilities.

    The cost of Medicare is based on what you earn, whether you receive a Social Security check, and your age. Medicare covers 80% of the costs for a person enrolled in Part A, and Part B (Supplemental Insurance) covers 20%.


    You can choose any Medicare plan that fits your age, income, and health needs. There are four parts to the Medicare program: Part A (Hospital Insurance), Part B (Supplemental Insurance), Part C (Prescription Drug Insurance), and Part D (Medicare Advantage).


    If you move out of state, you can continue to receive your Social Security benefits. However, if you enroll in Medicare and live in a new state within three months, the federal government will pay your part of Part A (Hospital Insurance) for eighteen months.


    We may help you to find the right insurance at the best price. We save you time and money by making things simple for you.


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    We will call you back as soon as you submit the form, and we’ll give you all of the information you need and ask you for some questions to help us determine which insurance provider and option is best for you. We may set a callback for you or transfer you to the licenced insurance agent of the finest insurance company for you

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